Mirunette Education si partenerii externi cauta solutii

Mirunette si partenerii externi cauta solutii si ofera sfaturi

Mirunette Education se afla in permanenta legatura cu partenerii externi din Europa si SUA si cautam impreuna cele mai bune solutii, urmarind cu prioritate interesele clientilor nostri.

Iata ce ne-a transmis unul dintre partenerii nostri, organizator de tabere internationale in Statele Unite ale Americii.

Like you, we are dealing with the COVID crisis here in US, as the virus is now making its way across North America.  We are in the midst of it now and things will likely get a little worse here before they start to get better but THEY WILL GET BETTER.  Today‚Äôs news from China is incredibly optimistic.  No new cases, schools are reopening, business is back in operation and the last COVID hospital was closed this week due to a lack of patients. Like it did in China, this crisis will pass and life will go back to normal here and everywhere.  We will be here when that happens, ready and excited to receive your young clients and show them the best summer of their life at our summer camps in the USA.  We are dedicated to you our partners and to our clients, who deserve to have fun this summer after such a long spring with little time spent outdoors.

Mirunette Education si partenerii externi va incurajeaza sa va informati numai din surse oficiale si sa urmati cu strictete recomandarile autoritatilor!